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A Newborn for only four weeks

Your baby is a newborn for FOUR WEEKS, and although they may seem like the longest weeks of your life, I promise, you will look back and wonder where the time has gone. I write this, now, looking at my 18 month old, and I can’t tell you enough how fast it is going.

I remember bringing her home from the hospital, well, not really. It's all a blur. The late nights, the constant diaper changes, the worry, the joy. I remember nights just wanting her to sleep so I could rest. Or wanting her to eat solid foods so I didn't have to nurse. Now I sit here wanting to hold her a little longer and missing the need she had for only me. She is becoming independent and it amazes me the little person she is becoming.

I am honest with everyone about our newborn phase, it was HARD. I got the baby who had colic, who cried, was uncomfortable, and only slept upright in your arms. Looking back now, I would give anything for her to take a two hour nap snuggled on my chest again.

People ask me all the time, “What’s the importance of a newborn session?” This session, my friends, is in my mind the most important of all. Your newborn baby is only a newborn for four weeks, and then they are an infant, a toddler, a child, a teenager, and before you know it, they are grown. These sessions allow you to cherish a moment in time you will never get back. Their toes will never be this small, their hands will never curl around you fingers the same, their heads won't fit so perfectly on your chest for long, these sessions help you remember these moments.

I built my newborn studio in Ellington, CT with the mindset to give my clients the ideal newborn sessions where they can come, relax, and know their baby is in good hands. My newborn sessions have a workflow that allows me to document each detail of your baby and personalize it to you. I also give my time after to discuss any prints you need and how I can help you bring those images to life in your home.

For me, the ideal newborn session is 8-12 days after birth. What happens a lot of times is that I will get a call from someone asking for a session and their baby is 4-5 weeks old. I understand that a lot of times we are in the mix of it all and to us, they may look the same as they did at 12 days. At this point though, your baby is more alert, more aware of its surroundings, and may be showing signs of colic or any intolerance they may have (a friend of mines baby began showing dairy intolerance at 3 weeks - 21 days). I am always happy to help clients, this is why I can’t stress enough the importance of booking your sessions before the birth, but why?

Booking your sessions before the birth, first of all, guarantees I have availability for you, since statistics show 2% of babies are born on their actual due date, I am only able to book a certain number of newborns a month. This also puts you, the client, at ease knowing whenever your little one gets here it’s all set up and all we need to do is find an exact time and day that works for you. It’s also making it more likely that your newborn will be in the 8-12 day range that I find to be the “sweet spot” and will ensure a smoother sessions, although, like I said about my little one above, they are in charge and you never REALLY know how they will be.

If you are pregnant and thinking of a newborn session, reach out to me. I offer in studio and in home sessions. I am happy to chat about how they each work and hear how I can make this moment memorable for you and your family.

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